About the Artist

ENTROPY is a San Francisco based artist. She has a background in street art and earned her Ph.D. in art education. Using her sensibilities as an artist, she imagines the future after civilization, as we know it has vanished from earth. She brings to mind that everything we need to survive can be found within us. We have a tendency to hold to the familiar. But when we move forward, life unfolds and transformation becomes possible.

My troubled heroes undergo a personal transformation in order to meet their challenges. They may be unusually sensitive or intelligent. They suffer because they are different and repress parts of their true character to fit in with society. While sending them on the adventure to find themselves, something remarkable happens. By facing their inner conflicts they become extraordinary. Having started out as the weakest of the weak, through their uncompromising commitment and struggle they finally transform into the strongest of the strong. They become heroes not because they were chosen but out of necessity. I am creating these alternative realities to make them possible for others, if not for myself.

I have got a strange fascination with apocalyptic scenarios. I don’t think it’s scary, satirical, or sad. Growth is always accompanied by decay. It’s part of our existence, and always balanced by creativity. Each moment in life is becoming something new. It is perishing, so that others can be generated. We crave for the future after an apocalypse - even when we are still haunted by the terror of death and destruction, we search for new beginnings and transformations.