Artist Journal

My artworks are Creations of Entropy. They are made out of the chaos of my mind and shaped through the imaginary worlds of apocalyptic narratives. Stories that never happened or will happen, but always capture a glimpse of truth. Their timeless universal symbolism is interwoven in my own visual language.

By reflecting the paradox of tragedy and triumph my artwork defines the essence of our existence. The storylines often develop parallel to my day to day life. My artist journal contains all the highs, the lows, and the in betweens as a professional artist, as well as some background information on my work and exhibitions.

ENTROPY is a San Francisco based artist. She has a background in street art and earned her Ph.D. in art education. Using her sensibilities as an artist, she imagines the future after civilization, as we know it has vanished from earth. She brings to mind that everything we need to survive can be found within us. We have a tendency to hold to the familiar. But when we move forward, life unfolds and transformation becomes possible. 
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