Research Items

Entropy tears apart our creations. It is destroying what exists to make way for new growth. If we suddenly disappear, cities will gradually be reclaimed by nature. Life can pop up anywhere and adapt, even to a rough and chaotic environment. My current work is centered around the questions “What will the ruins of our civilization look like?” and “Which species will survive?”

Therefore, I research abandoned places and ghost towns. I am looking into patterns, into the ways that events flow from one to the next after humans have disappeared and into the means by which new things develop out of old ones. I study the dissolution of patterns, the destruction of matter and show an artistic vision of the future.

Triangulation Station at Devil's Slide

Once hidden between rocks, the graffiti-covered remnants of a former military triangulation and observation station now rest atop a cliff at the Pacific Coast Highway. It was originally built during World War II as part of the harbor defense of San Francisco.

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Angel's Ladies Crash Landing

While looking for abandoned places in the Amargosa Desert, I recently noticed a plane wreck somewhere in the nowhere. It is resting next to the big bright yellow Angel’s Ladies Brothel sign, located along Hwy 95 near Beatty, NV.

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Point Reyes Shipwreck - A Mysterious Beauty

Generations of sailors and fishermen have feared the waters at the Point Reyes coastline. Before the construction of the lighthouse in 1870, the region was a burial ground for ships due to the strong currents, sharp cliffs, high winds, and dense fog.

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Forgotten Bunkers in the German Woods

The Bienwald, a forest in the Southern Palatinate region of Germany, is marked by trenches and bunker ruins from World War II. The bunkers are not accessible to the public, since the massive concrete structures suffer from decay, begin to sink and could collapse.

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