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Mystery Build 2015 - Video: Entropy Presents Evolution

As the history of our universe shows, entropy constantly feeds in the cycle of life and death. Entropy is turning everything towards disorder. Though evolution is generating order out of disorder. With the Big Bang and the development of life, entropy increased in the universe. Both are irreversible processes that never stop. Entropy can easily be applied to the circle of life, but what about its origin? The answer to this question, people have pondered for centuries. Theories abound from religious to purely scientific, but what if life did not originate on our planet? Perhaps it was transported from somewhere else in the universe.

My short film is featuring two mice, which did their contribution to start life on Earth. Now, they are traveling through time and observe the evolution happening. As far as we know, mice are the most intelligent species on our planet. They spent a lot of time in laboratories running experiments on humans. But there is much more…