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Between the worlds

Sometimes I get stuck between the old and new world. I am sitting on the mood swing - not sure if a new chapter in my life just begins or if I will fail. A couple of years ago, I moved overseas for a fresh start. I am very lucky to live in San Francisco, a city that has inspired so many people and where others come for a vacation. I have seen amazing places and tried a lot of new things. Surfing gave me the perfect feeling of tranquility and adrenaline at the same time. I love to go to the beach and calling it my daily routine.

Emigrating is exciting – full of the promise of new possibilities and experiences. San Francisco has much to offer and living here is a dream for many. But it takes great bravery to make the final decision and leave everything behind. You have to deal with difficult situations during the immigration process and some will even knock your confidence. You have to be open-minded and willing to work hard. Life won’t be better because you live in a new country. The other side of the sky is just a reflection with small variations. Difficulties from the past will not be gone. But the new environment can help you recognize them. This will give you room to improve your life choices. The new world is yours to explore and discover. So take your chance and fly!