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Climate Art Experience at UC Berkeley

You don’t need my future visions to see the effects of climate change. The state of the world with rising temperatures, arctic ice melting and polluted air affects millions around the globe. But I hope to touch people in a different way, especially those who may not be interested in the issue or motivated to take action.


Instead of showing terrifying statistics and scientific arguments, the Earth Action Initiative took a very different approach to activism with their Climate Art Experience at University of California, Berkeley. Climate change is a very urgent issue, that they addressed in a community driven and collaborative way utilizing art to provide an intimate and tangible perspective. The goal was to bring them together with experts from the conference and to inspire meaningful action within the community through workshops, guest speakers, and roundtable discussions.


I have been documenting endangered species and our changing planet in my post-apocalyptic artwork. Our world can be unforgiving and hostile, if you have to survive. Every time, I am exploring abandoned places or the aftermath of a natural disaster, it humbles me and reminds me of our fragile existence. This earth is our home!


Nature likes to experiment and play with forms, as do I, and in this way my artworks are an homage to its non-replicable genius. I am offering a glimpse into the overwhelming majesty and fragility of nature – and in the inevitable turn in case of the apocalypse, when we would be faced with such fragility as well.