Research Items

Entropy tears apart our creations. It is destroying what exists to make way for new growth. If we suddenly disappear, cities will gradually be reclaimed by nature. Life can pop up anywhere and adapt, even to a rough and chaotic environment. My current work is centered around the questions “What will the ruins of our civilization look like?” and “Which species will survive?”

Therefore, I research abandoned places and ghost towns. I am looking into patterns, into the ways that events flow from one to the next after humans have disappeared and into the means by which new things develop out of old ones. I study the dissolution of patterns, the destruction of matter and show an artistic vision of the future.

New Life in Death Valley

Death Valley usually is just rocks, soil, and barren land. After the gold-mining boom in the early 1900s, towns were left behind. You find many abandoned settlements in the area. The ghost towns, and sandstorms in the wide open space of the desert are perfect for my research, but this year I was aiming for something else - I wanted to see the extreme rare wildflower blossom.

Desert Sunflower blossom at Death Valley

Desert Sunflower blossom at Death Valley

Because of all the rainfall last winter, there were ideal conditions to kick-start life in the desert. You always find some flowers in Death Valley, but this year it is an exceptional big bloom. The Desert Sunflower blossom and its beauty will fade away as quickly as it came. In the desert the destroying forces are always present. It’s a battle of elements and a constant struggle for existence. Hot sun and dry winds will turn the yellow wildflower fields into a naked desert landscape again, but the vastness will remain like a window to eternity.