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Heroes & Hearts 2018 at AT&T Park

Monarch Heart by Entropy

Monarch Heart by Entropy

Everyone who knows me knows that I hate sports in general. Today tough, it happened that I found myself for the first time in my life on the field of AT&T Park. However, I wasn’t cheering for the Giants – I was cheering for the arts. It was a great honor to have the opportunity to create a heart sculpture for the “Hearts in SF” public art series from the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, which held its annual “Heroes and Hearts” luncheon in the baseball stadium.


It was thrilling to see my art on the big screen at AT&T Park and to meet the other artists. My heart got sold even before the auction started. Proceeds from the hearts and the event provide funding for vital life-enhancing programs and initiatives at San Francisco General Hospital. This year, the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation raised more than $1.85 million to promote excellence in health care, medical research and education for all.


Two public health professionals, Caroline Watson and Karen Aguilar, were honored as 2018 heroes for their patient care, support, and empowerment through their work at HIVE and Gender Health SF. Hive is reshaping the narrative for HIV prevention. They are fighting the stigma, help patients to take care of their health and are a key driver of ending the spread of HIV in our community. Gender Health SF helps transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming people to overcome barriers to health care. They are still one of the most discriminated groups in the nation and the world. Access to surgeries and health care are necessary to match their gender identity.