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Asylum Seekers: Moria - Art Show Kickoff in Turlock

All photo credits to Asylum Seekers: Moria

All photo credits to Asylum Seekers: Moria

"Untold Stories" is going on its last journey! The "Asylum Seekers: Moria" Art Show had its Kickoff in Turlock last weekend. The art show is a traveling exhibition to help people to get a better understanding of the refugee crisis, and to raise money for the Asylum Seekers: Moria documentary film, which is capturing the inhuman living conditions at the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. 


My piece is telling the story of a refugee making the journey to the European Union to seek asylum. She is traveling across the Mediterranean Sea on a boat. Lots of women experience sexual violence and rape on the way and in refugee camps. This has often been downplayed as an unfortunate but inevitable side of the refugee crisis but can’t be ignored as a human right abuse.


The first art show was a huge success, but this is just the beginning. The "Asylum Seekers: Moria" exhibition will continue to travel all over the US. The next stops will be April 14th at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Bakersfield and May 9th at Sol Collective in Sacramento.